Ice-T Defends Wife’s “Culture Appropriating” Braids!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! Ice-T’s wife Coco had to learn the hard way about how savage Black Twitter and Instagram really are!

Coco debuted a new look of conrow/box braids and got dragged to the pits of hell and back on social media.

Coco called the style “Da Coco Swoop”.

Folks weren’t going to let her live with rocking the braids alone, so they definitely let her have it for giving the style another name that they felt was once again an example of cultural appropriation.

“My new braids! I call um Da Coco Swoop.. I wanted a little change up for the Summer. Oh and by the way.. I name all the braid styles I do even hair styles with no braids .. Its a cute thing I do.. I have many weird Coco-isms,” said Coco.

It wasn’t long before folks started going off!

“You’re not black lol and never will be,” wrote a user.

“What the f-ck is the coco swoop, who are you to claim our culture?” said another Twitter user.

Coco’s husband Ice-T came to her defense letting the angry birds know that there is nothing wrong with her hair style.

“Wrong for what? Braiding her hair?? You sound Dumb,” said Ice-T.

He went on to say,

“Sh-t’s really funny to me… You gotta know Me and Coco don’t give a flying F-ck..”

Are Coco’s braids an example of cultural appropriation, or are people just too sensitive?

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