If You Battle KRS-One Is Probably Your Worse Nightmare!


KRS-One has something for everyone of these rappers out here.

KRS-One is is one of the best rappers of all time – Easily! From a battle perspective he is without fear! But I was listening intently to a recent interview between Jigsaw and Grouchy Greg and Hakim Green of Channel Live fame. And the interview was nothing shy of mine blowing! Hakim revealed what KRS ones technique was for battling every single rapper in the world. He said that KRS one has scores of notebooks full of lyrics. Now, in those notebooks there are two lines that are broken up on every page, with 16 lines in full. That means two bars, a total of eight. Each one of those two bars initiates a dish for a rapper that is out right now. I don’t know if you guys are conceptualizing what this is, but this basically means the Charis one is always ready and willing to destroy the Rapper.

This interview is long, but if you got to the 1 Hour and 56 minute mark, the KRS-One part begins.

It is very hard to conceptualize how powerful this is.

And how in the world with somebody manufacture something like this? Honestly, I can’t imagine that it could be anything but true because it’s so out of this world. So we’re just gonna go ahead and say they leave KRS-One all the way alone, because he has some things going on inside that has him – writing dis records before there’s even a beef. But on the other side, We recently interviewed KRS and it was a great interview and it’s in three parts. So if you wanna check out what KRS-One is up to, look at this and you will see.