Iggy Azalea: Hip-Hop Doesn’t Give Me My Respect!

The God Iggy Speaks!

Iggy says a lot of “they” talk. That may be the issue. “They” I think she puts herself in an outsider space a lot more than she realizes. Hip-Hop is a community and a group…”we.” In this recent interview, Iggy sounds like she may be damn ready to retire from rap. She should not speak too much anymore, because it just makes things worse.

“They know, deep down. I think they know. They just don’t want to admit it. That’s what I think. I have a feeling. That’s why they’re mad. Because they do know that I actually am good, and they can’t really accept that. But we could be friends, and this could all be easy. Or we could not, and I could send Bitcoin s### chocolate boxes to your door. But I’m still going to be here.”

And for the record, there are a number of rappers that have said Iggy is dope.