Instagram Model Alleges Drake Put Hot Sauce In His Used Condom To Stop Groupies From Stealing His Sperm


“Ouch!” Rapper’s unconventional method of birth control, left a woman burning.

Twitter is going crazy with a bizarre story about Hip-Hop’s “Certified Lover Boy.” According to sources, Drake put hot sauce in a condom to stop an Instagram model from stealing his sperm after sex. Who knew the way to stop unwanted pregnancy was in your cabinet … good old Texas Pete!

Apparently, after the chart-topper, the artist with the most #1 singles in the history of Billboard, finished making whoopie with a popular model that he met on social media, he put the spicy condiment in the used prophylactic. She was not the only one according to He does this with many of the women he beds, preventing them from using his sperm to impregnate themselves and get him for a child support bag.

Now, the woman plans to sue Drake.

Does she have a case?

The story goes that they met at a joint and linked up that night in his hotel room. After smoking, they hopped in the bed to get it popping. After they were done, he threw the condom out, and to her dismay, after she dug it out of the trash to transfer the semen into her body, she discovered his unconventional birth control method.

The report states that when she placed the content from the rubber in her v##### and screamed. She hollered, saying her v##### felt like “lava” was being poured in it.

Drake admitted to her that he put the hot sauce in the condom, explaining the reason why.

Now, she is threatening to sue. She allegedly posted the images of her burnt-up pom pom parts online.

No one from OVO has commented on this story/rumor.