Is 50 Cent Looking To Make The “King Von Story?

50 Cent and King Von

50 Cent may be taking his TV aspirations to bring the deceased rapper King Von’s story to life.

50 Cent is expanding his television empire once again. The Hip-Hop mogul has decided, according to the rumor mill, to create a television (or movie) version of King Von‘s life.

We all know that King Von was a beloved rapper signed to Lil Durk. And he was really on the way to becoming a bigger store than his big Homie.

Unfortunately, he might’ve been just a little bit too real. In the process of beating somebody’s butt in a fair fight, he was murdered. I am not about to get into the all-mighty minutia of the details in that, but he is still missed and people are still interested in him.

Now, I am hearing that 50 Cent might just be trying to bring his story to life. And I think this could be right on time. The new generation is showing that they care enough about it, and I think the older generation is intrigued by this emerging, oftentimes chaotic, new era.

From what I understand, the person that will play King Von in the series or movie is none other than the same actor that played Bobby Brown in the new addition movie. Woody McClain!

That’s right! Woody McClain is set to play King Von! You might remember, he is also a member of the Power universe, as designed by 50 Cent!

What do you think about this? Is this something that we want to see?