Is Amber Rose About To Write A Tell-All Book?

Amber Rose has dated several mega stars, including Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Now she is talking about writing a a book. But why?

Personally, I don’t think Amber Rose is the new Superhead, but it almost gets you to thinking that she is because of her most recent claim. She went online and ranted about the treatment of women. I think, specifically she was talking about the treatment of Amber Rose. I could be wrong.

At any rate, she seems very upset about some of the subsequent criticism of comments she’s made recently. And I’m not sure if she’s equipped to handle the current iteration of the Internet. It’s a cold world out here and it seems like she may not be prepared for it. Remember, she came out earlier, primarily through her relationship with Kanye West. And then she exploded as a sensation and sex symbol. I find her quite attractive myself, but at the same time she has to do better if she’s gonna make it for the rest of her life.

Enter the hustle!

OAN: Who else remembers this show she had?

Amber Rose hosted a weekly late-night talk show in 2016. Illseed believes she can hustle another show.

I don’t know exactly what Amber Rose has planned for her own future, but it sounds like she might be threatening to write a book. The reason I say threatening is because of some of the language she’s used. The last time I recall a threat in terms of book written by a women, was when Superhead wrote her book as Karrine Steffans. Now we know that Karrine Steffens was around the “town” in a way that Amber Rose was not. Honestly, Amber Rose seems to be a nice Philly girl that got caught up in Hollywood aka Hollyweird. And, quite possibly, is now in over her head. I don’t know.

One thing seems to be for sure is that she is not happy with how things are manifesting for her right now. So this threat of making a beeline into offering a book seems to be a move to shake people up. It could be a move to get money, or it could be a move to get relevance. It doesn’t seem like she really wants to write a book. It seems more like she wants to respond to the negativities that she has encountered through her life. Whether that’s Wiz Khalifa or Kanye West, or her last dude that bounced on her. Or quite frankly, it could be the Internet. I don’t know!

Nevertheless, I don’t want another deep expose about rapper stuff myself. I’d prefer if she wrote a book that was fictional or something for the lifetime channel.

Or – Hollyweird! 👀

Amber and Amy Shumer really got it in!

I think she can manifest this in a number of ways. One way I don’t want to hear about is Kanye‘s sex life, for example. We have heard enough expose sort of articles, and we don’t need it! God bless her and her kid, but there’s got to be a better way.

That said, what about you? Are you interested in a book by Ms. Rose?