Is Beyonce Out Here Committing Fraud?

Beyonce’s war over the name Blue Ivy has escalated.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Beyonce has been locked in a war with a wedding planner who’s trying to get her daughter’s name Blue Ivy trademarked.

Bey has been battling a woman named Veronica Morales since 2017 claiming she has no right to use her daughter’s name for her wedding planning business.

The problem is, Veronica already owned the trademark before Beyonce tried getting hers.

Beyonce says Veronica tried to sell the name back to her for $10 million dollars, but Bey wasn’t having it. The singer and her hubby Jay-Z didn’t become billionaires by giving away their loot.

Bey tried to make a grab the trademark anyway, and now Veronica says Beyonce is so thirsty, she actually lied on her application to trademark the Blue Ivy name.

Veronica Morales claims Beyonce was lying on her trademark application when she said she had a genuine intention to use the name.

Morales maintains Beyonce “committed fraud in signing and submitting” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in a sworn declaration.

She also says Beyonce is playing hardball by refusing to turn over key documents that could settle the whole thing.

Jay-Z didn’t help Beyonce’s case when he admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair that they were trying to trademark the name so no one else could use it.