Is Boston Richey A Snitch? Somebody Pulls Out Paperwork!

Real Boston Richey

Boston Richey is hot right now, but somebody stepped up with paperwork with snitch allegations.

What tf is going on?

The streets have always been a part of the rap game, but this HERE is getting out of control. So, Boston Richey is a upcoming rapper from Tallahassee, not Bean Town. He’s doing his thing in a most major way. But just as he starts to become a sensation, the allegations come out.

I am not sure, who 1090 Jake is but he has released several piece of paperwork for no apparent reason to allege that Boston Richey is a 2-time snitch. I have heard of a 2-time felon but never a 2-time snitch. Anyway, some are saying it is all CAP. But look at this video.


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Now, there is a new interview with the co-defendant and he said there’s a misunderstanding of the finer details of the case in question. The was a grand theft auto case that resulted in some sort of telling. I cannot determine the full extent, but his mans ain’t too heated over it.

Kolly kept referring to a “misinterpretation” of the paperwork. What does that even mean? I could not tell you.

Honestly, I do not see where this is an issue. The old laws of the street are just that. The days of telling or interpreting snitching is now here. I am not of that life and therefore have no say so whatsoever. Those that do can have at it. I am a simple person that does not even make a right on red if there is a sign posted.

But, I find it very interesting that there is this war going on. If the co-dee does not care, why should we?


#1090Jake dropped a new video asserting #RealBostonRichey #snitched on two separate cases 🤦🏽‍♂️ #realbostonrichie #bostonrichey #snitch

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