Is Cash Money’s BG Coming Home Soon?

BG - B.G.

BG could be coming home in a “few week” or a couple of years. Read up!

BG…that’s a name that rang bells once upon a time. His name stands for Baby Gangster and he coined the term “Bling Bling,” which is peak African American vernacular. BG was a member of one of the greatest crews ever – Cash Money Records. If he’s coming home, one person should know. Baby, the co-founder of Cash Money. Baby has gone on the record saying BG is coming home in a “few weeks,” but is he?

I am not sure. for those of us that follow closely, it seems like it will be a minute. Bro, tried it earlier, but a judge shot it down. In our exclusive report, it seems like the judge wanted him to snitch or “tell,” but BG refused. And in saying no, he was penalized.

The Cash Money Records rap star had been asking a judge for compassionate release and to send him home three years early, to serve out the rest of his prison sentence under home confinement.

The rapper, born Christopher Dorsey, a motion on May 11, 2021, asking for compassionate release arguing that he was at elevated risk of catching the coronavirus. B.G. also told a judge he had been rehabilitated and deserves a reduced sentence because he is a famous rap artist.

“The government objects to a reduction of Dorsey’s sentence as there is no ‘extraordinary or compelling’ reason for a reduction of sentence due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, as Dorsey has no serious health issues and has been fully vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus. He simply argues that he has been rehabilitated and that his sentence was unjust,” according to United States Attorney Duane A. Evans.

Even worse, the government said B.G. had been caught using drugs and alcohol on multiple occasions during his prison sentence.

B.G.’s most recent infraction was in March of 2021, for alcohol possession. Additionally, the rapper was caught with the narcotic Suboxone in 2019 and 2020 and tested positive for Buprenorphine in 2019.

You see this is from last year, but I think they have it out for him.

Baby said that he will be released in “a few weeks.” For somebody in jail as long as BG…a few weeks could mean 2024, which is his scheduled time of release anyway.

Good luck, BG!!! I actually hope gets out.