Is Chief Keef’s Baby Moms Pregnant By Lil Baby?

Lil Baby has finally commented on the rumors that he may have put a baby in Chief Keef’s BM.

These streets are on fire.

We are here for one reason and one reason only. To find out if this is true. Could Lil Baby has put a bun in the oven of Chief Keef’s baby moms? This is what the streets are saying. And I am afraid this may just be truth. How do I know? The internet is saying so.

Seriously, this is a thing.

So, it seems to have some validity to it. She appears to have two rich rap dude baby daddies. We know for a fact about Chief Keef, because she talks about it on YouTube.

The Lil Baby part is a bit less conclusive. Slim Danger is saying that she has HIS baby in her belly. However, the homie Lil Baby seemed to take exception with that talk in the name of “false narratives.”

“Y’all gotta stop with the False narratives. Certain sh#t you gotta kno N###s ain’t doing. Well n####s like me.”

– Lil Baby on IG

Anyway, Slim is looking to get a DNA test. I guess that at least means Lil Baby smashed. Either way, this is pretty stupid. I hope Lil Baby ain’t go out like that! Yall remember Kat Stacks? This reminds me of her.