Is Cuban Doll Covering Up For Her Man’s Domestic Violence Claims?

Cuban Doll takes back everything she said last year about her man, Tadoe putting his hands on her.

Last year, Cuban Doll spoke out against her boyfriend, rapper Tadoe claiming he physically abused her. 

She showed a video of her bruised face on Instagram causing her to have to go to the hospital.

Rumors were circulating that Tadoe wasn’t fond of his girl being buddy buddy with now incarcerated rapper 6ix9ine which may be the reason for him putting his hands on her.

Just a few days ago, fans gave the side-eye to Cuban as she posted a boomerang on the gram of her and Tadoe kissing with a captain that reads, “5 years & counting.” 

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Of course it was eventually deleted.

The 21-year-old also got on live to reveal that the domestic violence allegations were all for publicity and her bae never put his hands on her. Yeah, I know right. Wtf!

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Many aren’t buying her “PR stunt” cover-up at all saying she’s lying and doing this because she decided to take him back. 

Ladies, we’ve all been in a situation where we with a “ain’t sh*t dude” and we’ve been telling our friends that we will never go back with him, but we know it’s all cap. We eventually end up taking him and his bullsh*t back. Well, I think this is the case with Cuban. Don’t quote me!

What do y’all think? Do you think this was a publicity stunt or is she denying claims so she can live peacefully without public scrutiny with her man?