Is Dr. Dre Going To Open Up His Vaults?

Dre…Make It Happen!

Last year, the world witnessed the triumphant return and possible retirement of Dr. Dre. Compton was met with accolades and even Grammy nods. Well, we know that the good Dr. Dre has been a part of some of the biggest artists and the greatest albums EVER…welp! Word on the block is that the good Doc is considering opening up the vaults to his work – bit by bit. Remember, Dr. has a radio show called “The Pharmacy” on Apple Music or Beats Music…something like that. He’s been breaking all sorts of new exclusive stuff, including Dilla and even got LL Cool J ready to come back. Now, sources are whispering that Dr. Dre may just be revealing songs he has done that have never come out in the same vein. One song that comes to mind is an unheard record that he did with Busta Rhymes that supposedly will NEVER be heard. Well…lets hope that Dr. Dre gives another diagnosis on this situation.


Lets go Dre!