Is Drake Plotting Revenge?


Drake is not one to take losing lying down, but rumors are saying he may try it with his opp’s ex.

I’m thinking Drake is about to get his revenge! Or at least he’s planning it. We don’t know what’s truly going on, but it seems like plans are being made.

First things first, somebody sent me this information: Drake is now following DJ Mustard’s ex. I’m not up to date on this stuff, but I’ve been told that Mustard and his ex broke up in a very bad way. She might be open to a liaison with Drake. I’m not saying that it has happened or that Drake is planning it, but why would he follow her at this point? It is clearly trolling. In my opinion, that seems to be his MO. I think he likes having relationships with other guys’ exes and girlfriends. I could be wrong, but that’s what it seems like.

This was not written by me and I do not know the source, but it seems to have some truth in there:

Chanel and DJ Mustard had a very public and bitter divorce in 2022 after Mustard walked out on his wife and children – and started bopping around town with multiple Instagram models. DJ Mustard had Chanel sign an iron-clad prep, before they were married. So after he dropped herm Mustard paid only $315,000 upon the divorce. And you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s bitter about how things ended with her ex … and she’s out for revenge.

Next! There’s Wack100 is saying Drake can never perform his song with YG again. As we know, YG sided with Kendrick Lamar and the city of Compton. Somebody on BX said that YG is not truly from Compton, but in my opinion, he’s close enough. Outsiders don’t know those inner politics. It seems like YG did what he wanted and took sides. I don’t think YG is too concerned because he made it clear that he did not like when Drake mentioned his name in the midst of rap beef.

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