Is Drake Ready To Leave Hip Hop?


The chart-topper teased an early retirement.

OVO rapper Drake has made such a historical impact on music and culture, it is challenging to see what might be next for the Canadian chart-topper. He was in an interview with Quality Control hitmaker Lil Yachty.

Drake tweeted out a clip of him with Lil Boat talking about his future as a professional musician. He is captured in the video saying, “I think I’m at the point now where I just want to like — I think we talked about this the other day — but I feel like I’m kind of introducing the concept, in my mind, of a graceful exit?” 

Many took that to mean Drake too wanted out after having such a successful 16 years, smashing all kinds of records including having more #1 hits than anyone else in music history, according to Billboard.

One person said their “whole day ruined” because of the post.

Others said they were “not buying it,” being that Drake has a whole lot more that he can do in his career.

Another agreed, writing, “This is the same man who said he was retiring at 35 and then a couple of years later said ‘sike.’ He’s not really going anywhere most likely, just slowing down his music output.”

While another said, “I don’t think he’s leaving music anytime soon. If he does he might go the jay z route and do features or drop albums here and there.”

Still, most people believe this idea was horrible, saying, “Welp I guess rap is officially done for if the GOAT leaves.”

Do you think the world is ready to say goodbye to one of its favorite artists?