Is Floyd MayWeather’s Fight With Logan Paul About Revenge For Nate Robinson?

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is looming for 2021, but what is driving the legendary boxer!

By now, we know that Floyd Mayweather is about to get into the ring with YouTuber Logan Paul. We also know that Logan Paul has very limited skills in boxing, whereas Floyd Mayweather is a Hall of Fame shoo-in with a pedigree that has many calling him the greatest of all time. Muhammad Ali ‘s fans may have something to say about that, but Floyd Mayweather‘s undefeated record and defensive superiority has always put him at the top of the proverbial pile in boxing.

Enter: YouTuber Logan Paul. Logan Paul lost his last fight to another YouTuber KSI in a highly contested loss. When we interviewed Jake Paul, Logan‘s younger brother, he admitted that if KSI was able to beat his brother he would have his hands completely full beating a legend like Floyd Mayweather.

But the question is right now why would Floyd Mayweather fight a guy so beneath him in boxing? A lot of people theorize it’s just money and that Floyd is looking for a quick payday off of someone who is easy to beat. With his limited experience, that might be true! Floyd definitely shouldn’t have any issue with this guy. Right?

However, there’s another theory that’s floating around that I’ve been hearing, and it deals with hard-core revenge. For those that know and should know, Mayweather is friends with Nate Robinson and Nate got knocked out cold by Jake Paul in an exclusive pay-per-view fight starring Mike Tyson an Roy Jones, Jr.  That knocked down was a moment of the year and possibly knock out of the year – the ever crazy 2020. From what I understand, Floyd Mayweather advised Nate Robinson early in the fight training telling him how to beat his opponent. But, it did not work!

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So, what does Floyd Mayweather do? He apparently decides to get in the ring with Jake’s brother Logan and beat his butt in front of the world showing them that they are not worthy of being in boxing! This is purely revenge for the embarrassing loss of Nate Robinson, who is actually a world-class basketball player embarrassed in a sport that he trained only four months prior to his incredible loss!

Now, Floyd Mayweather actually runs the risk of himself being embarrassed because this may not be a walk in the park. Logan, despite his inexperience, is a pretty big guy! He is roughly 200 pounds and 6‘2“ tall. Not only that, he’s hungry! He would love to get into that ring and beat Floyd Mayweather‘s cocky self! If he loses, he has lost nothing!  He was not supposed to win against Floyd Mayweather anyway! If he wins, he gets all the credit for taking out one of the best ever! Not only that, he gets a pretty hefty paycheck to boot! Now think about this, he is a YouTuber that gets a ton of views on social platforms and has amassed millions of followers. He’s going to get paid some serious bread to fight a legend in an exhibition fight! But we know this is a fight fight! Only time will tell but I will be there watching!