Is Future A Misogynist?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp!

Future recently came under fire for one of his Instagram posts that shows what appears to be a model tying his shoes in a swim suit.

While some felt like why discuss, debate, or complain about it if the woman in the photo was okay with tying his shoes, others felt like the photo made Future look like a misogynist.

Folks wrote whole dissertations and thesis statements in Future’s Instagram comments about how it was allegedly degrading to have this woman tie his shoes. Others argued that the woman had a choice on whether or not to do it.

Some even argued that maybe the woman just decided to help, but the fact that the photo was captured and posted made it look degrading. I mean stylists help folks get dressed, tie shoes and everything else, but the mere fact that baby girl is in this bikini, makes me have to rule out that she was a stylist on set.

All-in-all, folks formed the conclusion that Future doesn’t respect women. What are your thoughts? Are people overly sensitive these days? Will people protest anything these days? Are folks reading too much into this photo? Check out his comment section. LOL.

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