Is Future Planning On Proposing To Lori Harvey?

Eliza Reign might have ruined Future’s proposal to Lori Harvey.

(AllHipHop Rumors) According to Future’s baby’s mother Eliza Reign, our boy might be popping the question to his new bae, Lori Harvey.

On Thursday night, Eliza allowed her followers to ask her questions on her Instagram story. Well you know they were going to bring up Future. That’s pretty inevitable.

To give you the rundown, Future took Lori to Jamaica for her birthday with a group of her friends. The two also basically confirmed their relationship during this vacation and made the time to document their trip with possibly a mini movie or a music video.

His baby mother, Cindy Renae took to Instagram to express her sentiments towards the entire situation posting a Jay-Z quote that reads, “A man that don’t take care his family can’t be rich.”

Eliza revealed a few things during her q&a with her followers last night including Future’s ego is stopping him from moving forward with the DNA test.

She also revealed that she isn’t “pressed about Jamaica” and that Future has told her he’s getting married.

Sheesh! We knew things were serious but not that serious.

What y’all think?