R. Kelly “Sex Slave” Joycelyn Savage Is Telling Everything…For Money!

Joycelyn Savage posts eerie Instagram message that has us on our toes.

(AllHipHop Rumors) We all know the drama that’s transpired with R.Kelly. 

We’re aware of the allegations and I’m pretty sure the Lifetime TV documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly is somewhere recorded under our DVR. Kelly is currently in prison serving who knows how long on numerous charges including kidnapping, forced labor, child pornography, and many other disturbing charges.

This is probably one of the most high profile cases of our time having everyone waiting to hear what’s next.

If you’ve watched the documentary, you’re familiar with Joycelyn Savage, 23, one of Kels live-in girlfriends. Savage and Azriel Clary, 21, also one of Kelly’s girlfriends, have been standing by their man throughout the entire ordeal.

Savages’ parents have been all over social media and TV speaking out against their daughter who they believe to be imprisoned.

Joycelyn’s may have a story to tell, at least that’s what we’re getting from her cryptic Instagram message.

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“There’s something I need to reveal. Something I should’ve talked about a long time ago. This is my story!”

In a follow up post, Joycelyn revealed she is going to tell her ENTIRE story chapter by chapter, using Patreon!

“Things I am going to reveal that was sweared not to see the day of light — by NDA. I am risking my life for many others. ‪This story is 18+ and only for mature audience, I want to make sure my story is very detailed as I can remember. My first story “Where It All Started” is out now. Patreon.com/Joycelynsavage ‬(Link is bio)

Sips tea. What do you think she’s about to reveal?

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