Is Kanye West Trying To Achieve Peace With Taylor Swift?


It looks like Yeezy Yeezy is still trying to achieve peace with Taylor Swift. The controversial Kanye West seems to be extending an olive branch to Swift as he tweeted an image of a fan wearing a T-shirt that combined the album artwork of West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ and Swift’s ‘1989’. He tweeted the image with a caption that read,

“Unity Love.”

Despite Taylor’s antics and Grammy shots, it looks like Kanye is taking a page out of Diddy’s book on the #TeamLove tip.

West also seemed to be over his beef with Taylor Swift as he joked about it at the MTV VMAs.

“You know like, people come to me like, ‘Man, that’s right! Tell Taylor to…’ Bro, like I love all y’all! That’s why I called her!” said West.

I don’t know man, this whole ordeal has Kris Jenner publicity stunt written all over it. Whatever works Ye; whatever works.