Is Kat Stacks A Prostitute Now?

Hoe-ing Ain’t Easy

I know some people are going to claim that Kat Stacks was already a h#####, but that is not what I thought. I just thought she was some chick that got attention for setting rappers up. But Stacky was allegedly seen straight up arguing with her pimp, who she was trying to get to fly her to Atlanta.But here is the sad part – the pimp didn’t do anything. This makes me think she may not have a pimp, because I think he would slap her crazy.

Kat Stacks Houston Pimp

However, some say that the dude that owns WSHH was her pimp anyway. I think that could be true since she got him tatted on half her back and the site name on her front.

Well, pimps are smiling. But this is sad.