Is Kid Capri Going At DJ Scratch In New Freestyle?

Kid Capri

Could a beef be bubbling between a pair of DJ greats? Maybe – maybe not. Kid Capri talks that talk on a new song though!

DJ Kid Capri.

DJ Scratch.

Two Greats.

DJ Kid Capri is a legend out here. DJ Scratch is a legend out here. Neither one really has a peer and they have their own lanes. I mean, if you were a DJ, you are definitely looking at the good standard with these two. If you don’t know, I think you will soon know. The recent battle between KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane resulted in a subplot that is manifesting right before our eyes. DJ Scratch, a producer/DJ for people like Busta, Jay Z, EPMD, and now Big Daddy Kane, has already put out there his narrative of things. Both men essentially say the other instigated a mini-DJ battle during the Verzuz battle.

Here is Scratch’s version of it all.

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I am trying not to rehash all of this, but it deserves some mention. During the Verzuz battle between the Bronx titan (KRS-One) and the Brooklyn titan (BDK), it began to manifest that there was a conflict between the Kid and Scratch. Scratch did a turntable trick that said “wack DJ Kid Capri,” which Kane shut down almost immediately and then Kid Capri kicked a full rap! Now, that rap MAY have been an old, generic rap, but it came off like a battle rap towards DJ Scratch AND Kane (that’s how Scratch took it). It all degenerated from there. SO, here we ARE.

Kid Capri has released a new song that SEEMS to be taking some shots at Scratch! Is he? You have to be the judge of that. When asked, a member of his team was “mum” on what the DJ/rapper was actually saying.

“I ain’t gonna talk like Johnny Carson / I’m in my bag everytime you see the kid bossin’ / I stay quiet very often / just know who you crossin.”

“‘Why is Kid spittin’? I can’t believe he said that!’ I can talk sh#t for real – celebs rap!”

“Watching all these liars out here – telling more lies / talking about you gon’ do something…with that little crew you got, you gonna need more guys.”

“You wanna see me gone, I can see the look in your eye / you hate that you had to deal with the surge in my rhymes – well the Kid is here to stay…like burgers & fries!”

Check out the song here and judge for yourself.

DJ Scratch has not commented, but he spoke with his hands last night on ScratchVision. To be continued…

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