Is Kid Cudi To New Cleveland Rappers What Eminem Is To Detroit’s? Doe Boy Would Say Yes

Kid Cudi

Is Kid Cudi the ghost of Cleveland? Doe Boy seems to think so.

If you were to ask Doe Boy the question in the headline, contextually assuming Kid Cudi and Eminem have alienated themselves from up-and-coming artists from their cities, the answer would be yes.

Well, at least that’s what it seems like the Freeband Gang signee would say, given his recent comments about Kid Cudi. Even though it’s no secret that Doe Boy has been critical of Cudi and the lack of his presence in Cleveland, his indifference toward the INSANO rapper has festered even deeper. During a recent podcast appearance, Doe Boy shrugs off Cudi on first mention.

“I don’t know that n###a,” Doe Boy said at first. “Don’t none of us know that n###a actually. Not nobody I know in the city know that n####.”

As he continued, Doe Boy revealed he takes issue with the fact that Cudi has the platform he has and hasn’t made an effort to get to know the artists of the generation after him.

“I can’t tell you nothing about him for real. I know a couple of his songs and s###, and it is like that be somebody that I would like to f##k with, we all would. You feel me, but it was just, he was just never there like he didn’t never want to connect with the city,” Doe Boy said.

Do you think Kid Cudi turned his back on Clevland artists? Watch the clip in full below and decide for yourself.