Is Lil Durk Firing Animated Shots To Threaten NBA YoungBoy?

Lil Durk NBA YoungBoy

“I know the consequences of my actions.” – Lil Durk

Currently, The Voice appears unstoppable. Considering, his professional and his personal life, he is winning. Be that as it may, is Lil Durk embracing negativity and firing animated shots to threaten NBA YoungBoy?

So, Hip-Hop has always been a competitive culture. However, its current fixation with Beef detracts from its substance and artistic integrity. As its commercial appeal thrives, will its contributors like the celebrated Chicagoan choose chaos?

Thus far, Durkio is cultivating a body of work which readily resonates with the world. As a matter of fact, his latest release — 7220 — is sending him to the top of the Billboard charts! Nonetheless, he still find the time to seemingly antagonize his lyrical nemesis, NBA.

Moreover, one of The Cook’s recent shows contains interesting footage. At this unspecified event, a clip begins to wildly circulate. In fact, it purportedly showcases Lil Durk virtually thrashing a Top look-a-like.

Beyond, the bristling bars and wifi posturing, there has not been much to this socially constructed feud. So, that is a definite blessing. Is this virtual demonstration a forewarning of what is to come?

Via, the use of WWE Gameplay animation the MC appears to virtually demonstrate what may happen with a meet up between the two artistic adversaries. Is Lil Durk focusing on the wrong thing; or, is his willingness to stay ready a good thing?