Is Lil Durk Trying To Escape The Feds After FBG Duck RICO Case Explodes!

Lil Durk

Lil Durk is changing his ways and decided to get his HS GED.

Lil Durk has not been in a lot of trouble recently.

So, Durk – he’s not in any trouble at the moment. He does have a situation but it has been very quiet on that. I don’t even want to talk about that now. Let’s talk about the recent arrest of  OTF Muwop and RICO charges by the feds for those that are allegedly killers. Five dudes were arrestedl, but Durk was not one of them/ FBG Duck was a rapper a thats from Chicago who was out shopping one day and men shot and killed him as he was looking for material items for his child. Well they made arrests on that!

Now, Durk seems to be a solid guy. I do not know much more about him other than what it seems to be. He seems to have a ride or die chick by his side. Also, he’s been on tour with his bro Lil Baby and they are rocking stadiums in a pandemic! Greatness. Anyway, bro has made a proclamation that has people looking with a side eye.

Now, this comes the DAY AFTER all those dudes were busted. As you MAY know, the Feds have a 95% conviction rate. Not arrest rate….or harrassment rate…CONVICTION RATE. This means when they come for you, they typically already have all they need to NAIL you to the WALL. So, I commend Durk on trying to get his education at 26. Hopefully, this is the start. IF they have a case, it is not going away becasue of a tweet.

By the way…fresh off the presses.