Is Lil Mama Pregnant?

Lil Mama has everybody talking!

Is Lil Mama pregnant?

One of the doper rappers to never really pop off his Lil Mama, the Brooklyn beast that was sidetrack early in her career as a rapper. But she has made a great transition into acting and other forms of entertainment. But, she just posted a picture of herself pregnant in a hoodie throwing up the middle fingers.

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This is prompted gossipmongers like myself and others to determine whether or not she is actually pregnant. First of all, I don’t know how I just refer to myself as a gossipmonger! I don’t do gossip, I do rumors! Anyway, the Internet is seemingly a blaze because of the rumor that she is actually about to drop a baby.

However is she?

The internets have determined that she immediately deleted the post that showed her inside position, as well, she has been very tightlipped about whether or not she is really pregnant. Generally, when someone is pregnant they post a very flowery and beautiful picture, with a super deep caption that talks about the greater part of motherhood. But Lil Mama did just the opposite.

This has lead people to believe that she is just posing for a role that she is about to play. For those I don’t know, Lil Mama‘s rap career never ended but she has been able to pivot heavily into acting. I actually watched one of her movies recently and she played a very good hood roll of a woman trying to escape the trappings of the drug game. As I think about that role, it leads me to this picture and the validity of the pregnancy. I suspect this is simply for a movie roll and she dropped a little promo picture to get people talking, and she’ll clarify later.

Now, Bossip is saying something else.

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They are saying that perhaps she is pregnant but deleted it because there is another woman that is dragging her. Seems like Lil Mama is dealing with a woman’s man or ex and she is still bitter about it. I don’t know, because I am not deep into the weeds with Lil Mama‘s business but it’s very feasible! Lil Mama might just have a man! If she does, this all makes sense. If she’s doing it for a movie roll, it still makes sense!. Shout a Lil Mama for staying out there!