Is LL Cool J Ducking KRS-One Or…Is It Something Else?

LL Cool J and KRS-One might be headed for a battle, but LL is resistant.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is LL Cool J ducking the rapper teacher KRS-One? This idea is being explored through the thoughts and emotions around the internet pertaining to the new potential Verzuz battle. KRS-One straight called LL cool J OUT in an in interview with Fat Joe. He straight challenged him! Now, to some, this means you MUST respond.  LL Cool J does not seem to be inclined to battle KRS-One because there is a start difference in the nature of their content. KRS-One is one of the most celebrated lyricist in Hip-Hop history and so is LL Cool J.

But the question at hand is: Is he ducking KRS-One? I am not so sure that is the case right now. LL is one of the BATTLE LORDS. He does not DUCK BATTLES! I think there is something to be said about a matchup i.e. the one between Snoop Doggy Dogg and DMX! It was a good battle, but the winner was based on preference!  That may just rub some people the wrong way. LL Cool J has such a broad range in Hip-Hop and KRS-One does too but they are very,very different. LL Cool J is more of a popstar/TV star than KRS-One, the living definition of Hip-Hop. 

What do you think?

KRS-One had a very aggressive posture, saying the LL would not SURVIVE a battle! These are supposed to be exhibitions, but this is coming off like straight up 80’s / 90’s BATTLE. 

I can’t find the time stamp right now here is a Fat Joe interview with KRS-One!

It should be noted that Swizz Beatz and KRS have a song from a few years ago and it BANGS. I know this is for the OGs, but Hip-Hop doesn’t lie down and die!

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