Is Megan Thee Stallion A Snitch?

The fake streets are talking and they have it completely wrong!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The “streets” are permeated into the internet. Is Megan Thee Stallion a snitch? I can’t believe this is even a question because Megan Thee Stallion is a victim of a crime. As we Peru’s the Internet, we see exactly how dumb and misinformed people are.

Megan Thee Stallion was shot two times in her feet by Tory Lanez, allegedly. They were in the midst of a deep argument with witnesses present and he was so upset by what was being said that he shot her as she attempted to leave the situation.

And now people are calling her a snitch for calling out Tory Lanez, her alleged assailant. What in the world is going on with you people? This is a woman that was shot by a man! Shot! And somehow she is supposed to just keep quiet about it? In fact, that is exactly what she did. She did not name Tory Lanez as the actual shooter until this point. It seems like some of the PR’s spin upset her. Make no mistake about it, there are people that are vehemently trying to keep Tory Lanez safe and out of jail but they should let the lawyers do the talking.

So, Megan Thee Stallion went off on Instagram live last night right in the middle of the Democratic national convention. At first I thought it was some kind of conspiracy to distract people from what Joe Biden was saying because he had a hell of a speech last night. But I realize Megan just let it go. At any rate, Megan the stallions is not a snitch because she is a regular citizen. I think she try to abide by those rules to a certain degree because this could be the end of his career. but as far as I’m concern that’s not her job right now.

So, stop all the rat emojis! Goofy!