Is Rihanna Headed For Heartbreak?

The Truth…About Rihanna And Leo?

I tried to ignore this, but Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating. They even went so far as to spend Valentines Day together. According to the Star magazine insider, Leo is going around telling people that he’s free and clear – a totally single man. Rihanna on the other hand is all types of enamored by Leo the Dio. (OK, that was corny.) They also say that he’s really not into Rihanna, why I find hard to believe. Who’s not into RiRi? Put your hands up! Anyway, their sources say that dude said Rihanna was “nobody special.” I don’t know about that. This could be a publicity stunt or something. Or maybe, it is just another hit and run. At least he won’t likely be hitting on her.