Is Shay Johnson A Glorified Side Chick?

Shay Johnson and Bambi

Shay Johnson and Bambi got into it after the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” aired. Check out the mess!

Lil Scrappy may be happily married. Not everyone believes his marriage is something worth celebrating. Following the latest (October 11) episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Shay Johnson had a lot to say about Bambi.

Two women were once in love with the same man. Over the years, we have watched Lil Scrappy mature as his family grows. He seems to be making a conscious effort to be a better husband.

In this episode, Bambi seeks counsel from Sierra Gates regarding her scorched relationship with her mother-in-law Momma Dee. Lil Scrappy wants peace between the women in his life.

However, Bambi believes that Momma Dee has always been fond of the mistresses associated with her man.
“Even right now, you see her posting b**es [Lil Scrappy] use to fk with,” she explained.

These love quarrels may last a lifetime because Momma Dee posted a video congratulating Shay Johnson on her new baby.  Yet Bambi seems to lack affection for this extended family.

She shared her thoughts during a private confessional, “Talking ’bout she’s going to be the god-grandmother or some sh*t. And now, you got people on the internet assuming that the baby is gonna be Scrap’s.”

Although we have never heard the term “god-grandmother,” Lil Scrappy has given us new vocabulary many times. Momma Dee is no exception.
On the contrary, Shay was paying attention and she keeps receipts. She took to Instagram to share an old clip of Erica Dixon confronting Bambi for being involved with Scrap during their relationship.

“I wouldn’t have anything to say if the petty sh*t about me wasn’t aired LAST NIGHT on national television. Shay wrote.

The war of words continued as Bambi fired a shot in the comment section, “You were quick to defend yourself for being a ‘side chick,’ but crickets when y’all were insinuating my husband was your baby daddy for ya storyline.”

As the lines of reality television and reality continue to merge, only they know the truth.

Nonetheless, the hate between these women is real.

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