Is Black Social Media Causing Iggy Azalea Depression & Affecting Her Tour?


Photo via Iggy’s Instagram

The Australian rapper Iggy Azalea cannot catch a break. She may be mainstream but a lot of Hip-Hop lovers don’t care for her. Some support her while others say she isn’t real Hip-Hop. From funny memes, to negative social media comments Iggy can’t win for losing. Azalea recently quit social media saying the internet was the ugliest reflection of mankind. She has since returned to Instagram but not completely, as there was a post on her page stating that her Instagram would be run by management until further notice, as she was taking a break from social media. As of now Iggy Azalea’s first North American arena tour is also on the verge of cancellation, as the singer is increasingly unresponsive to her management and refuses to engage in promotion according to TheWrap. Allegedly Azalea will not commit to press opportunities crucial in selling the massive tour effort. The potential cancellation was also raising scheduling concerns for up-and-coming R&B singer Tinashe, who was slated as an opening act along with Nick Jonas. Tinashe announced yesterday that she would actually be joining Nicki Minaj on the Pink Print Tour. We know for a fact Black Twitter and Instagram won’t let up on Iggy for sure Lol. From the edited Sway interview video to this one below. Do you think Iggy needs to toughen up?