Is Someone Trying To Assassinate Wendy Williams’ Financial Advisor?

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ financial adviser, Lori Schiller, says she is receiving death threats and has become a “prisoner in her own home!

After Wendy Williams was ousted from her daily TV talk show and this year has proven to be a financial nightmare for the media maven, Lori Schiller, her financial advisor, says she is allegedly receiving death threats and has become a “prisoner in her own home.” 

As a result, her financial advisor said she had hired armed security to protect her and her family.

According to Page Six, Schiller says Williams is going “through hell.”

“I have 24-hour armed police officers outside of my house kind of vetting everyone that comes to my front door. It’s starting to affect my life. I’m a prisoner in my own home,” Schiller allegedly said.

As reported by, the 58-year-old money woman, who in February was at the center of Williams’ bank Wells Fargo not allowing her to take out money, says was never fired from the talk show host’s service.

Schiller also claims she is continuing as the lead adviser on the account even as William has filed a lawsuit against the bank.

It will shock the public to note that Williams and Schiller have been talking, and the conversations are “all positive.”

Still, Schiller believes because of the controversy, she could be in danger, adding that Wells Fargo is paying for the home security.

“All I’ve done was follow the law to the tee, and I’ve been praised by Wells Fargo for all of my efforts,” Schiller said. “I’ve given them ample time and come to my defense and make a statement, and for some reason, they just are putting it to the side.”

The financial advisor also has an attorney, even if she’s a friend of Wendy’s, as she claims.

Something doesn’t smell right.