Is Suge Knight Coming Home “Sooner” Or Later?

Suge Knight

Is it possible that Suge Knight is coming home from prison sooner than later? One man says the Death Row founder got 15 years knocked off his incarceration.

Suge Knight has not been in the news too much recently, but whenever we talk about him, it is worth listening to. So, you know why he is in prison, right? Suge pulled up to the set of “Straight Outta Compton” in an apparent effort to get some coins. But that is not what happened. Cle “Bone” Sloan and the former big boss of Death Row Records got into it. Suge, in an effort to get out of there, ran over his homie by accident. Terry Carter, another record label owner, was run over by Suge when it was all said and done. May he Rest In Peace.

Suge Knight has been trying everything to get out of prison. From Covid to blindness, nothing has worked for the one-time scariest dude in Hip-Hop. The word on the street is that Suge and his lawyer, the infamous David Kenner, have managed to get 15 years knocked off his sentence. How?

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As stated in the caption, Kenner has denied repping the embattled Death Row honcho. But D-Dog is doing enough repping for him. The Dog says he is coming back like he’s avenging his brother’s death! A lot has changed over the years! Everything from Dr. Dre being reformed to Snoop Dogg owning Death Row Records!

Anyway, what do you think!?