Is T.I. In The Middle Of The Dems And Republican’s Political War? And More!

The situation with T.I. may have deep political implications.

Things continue with T.I.

T.I. did an excellent job defending himself in the allegations of, lets say, “numerous stuff.” There was quite a lot. Sabrina Peterson, the woman that accused Tip of putting a gun to her head, has now taken a lie detector test, paying a full $650 to show she is not being “deceptive.” She said a lot like “stop victim shaming,” but…I don’t know about this. She has now challenged Tip, but I don’t see why he needs to do this. He has nothing to gain, nothing to lose at this point. What do you think so far? There’s more below!

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SOOOOOOO…Is Tip being taken down due to politics? 

This is about to fly over a lot of yawls head. Atlanta was instrumental in flipping the whole state of Georgia blue. If you don’t think Tip was helpful, you are a damn fool. Tip WAS A BIG PART of that bold political move.  If you think the Republicans are going to take this lying down, you are mistaken. They are already working hard to shape things for the mid-term elections in 2022. Black people are going to be taking random L’s all over the place to discredit them. T.I. was powerful. He was boots on the ground, steadfastly against Donald Trump (he flat out turned Trump DOWN….unlike Ice Cube, Lil Wayne and Lil Pump) and has used his many platforms in a political capacity. This is a bold, stealthy chess move by “the others side,” sources are telling me on multiple fronts. Do you all know how much stuff goes on in the world? Just look at Euphoria! Only time will truly tell, but they are looking to sully T.I. and therefore sully the Democratic Party. These people don’t care about Black women they way they pretend to care!

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There’s a lot more to this, all of which I cannot report just yet, but…I have no doubt it will come out like a gay person seeking total liberation.

Benny Gives Tekashi The Buffalo Stuff Arm!

Benny The Butcher has emerged as one of the premiere rappers of the current era. He’s a spitter that happens to have some serious street ties. Those ties got him shot down south, even though he wasn’t seriously injured.

Well Benny has revealed something we sort of knew: Tekashi is desperate for somebody with credibility to work with him. In the past, Nicki Minaj continued to fk with him, even though he was a known snitch at that time. A couple of days ago, Benny posted the following.

Tekashi Manager hit me up and ask me was interested in doin a song with his client…what u think I said ?


What do you think that he said?

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You get the idea!