Is Tekashi69 Actively Working For The Feds Still?

Tekashi 69 and 600Breezy

Looks like Tekashi is working for the Feds!

A lot of people have been beefing with Tekashi69 on the Internet and social media. Lately, it’s almost as if this guy is one of us. You certainly don’t see folks beefing with the true opposition when they go hard in the paint like they do with Tekashi69.

You get on the Internet scream and yell and make threats, but really what are they doing? I don’t see anybody ever getting hurt, all I see is a bunch of JAW jacking. Talking loud. Talking loud and saying nothing! That is what Tekashi69 is supposed to do to you guys! That does not mean you have to respond to everything he does! Have you ever heard of the term agent provocateur? If you haven’t go look it up! Smarten up!

Here’s what my sources are telling me, and I believe this to be true. Tekashi69 is still an active federal witness, a.k.a. an active rat!! He is still beholden to the federal government to give them information as it relates to anybody and anything they need of him at this present time. Like that dude that got Fred Hampton killed and could not get out once he was in! This is all fax! Now, if you think I’m lying go do some research and look it up.

This guy – Tek 1 – is here to disrupt any sort of unity we have, get people arrested, and break up the power that Hip Hop has within itself. Far too many of our younger artists are taking time out of their lives to address this guy and they don’t deal with the real. And they certainly don’t deal with the cops and rampant unchecked police brutality. There is a larger framework that Tekashi is a part of! I hate the way we try to tear down this little fool and don’t try to tackle the larger picture. At any rate, you guys can continue to deal with this dude who has the potential to get you knocked up and put in jail for football numbers but not deal with anything of substance. Elevate your game and maybe-  just maybe – people will back you in the way that we have back our past super artists!

I know you all saw this: