Is The Game Reuniting With G-Unit?


The Game just may be reuniting with G-Unit! The previous riff between 50 Cent and The Game is often viewed as a pretty unfortunate beef in Hip Hop music. G-Unit fans may be getting exactly what they wished for as the beef may be completely coming to an end. Game’s Blood Money signee Pharoah Jackson posted a video with Dr. Dre and Game from the making of ‘The Documentary 2,’ but it’s the caption that caught people’s attention.

“The BEATLES aka G-Unit are joining forces again. Straight Outta Compton the movie captivated the globe now what’s gone happen when we do the G-Unit movie with all the drama. G-Unit aka the Hip-Hop Beatles took over the world. But egos caused them to break up prematurely, said Pharoah.”

The beef may finally be over. Remember the two were spotted partying peacefully in the same club not too long ago. Could a full out G-Unit reunion with The Game be in the works? What are your thoughts?

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