Is The Tupac “One Nation” Album Finally Dropping?

Tupac Shakur

Tupac fans rejoice…some good stuff is coming!

Tupac is still the man! People love him long time. He is basically immortal.

Recently, rapper 2Pac turn 50 years old, posthumously. We all celebrated as if he was alive! But that’s because 2Pac never really died. And I don’t mean that metaphorically I mean that spiritually. At any rate, 2Pac is back. Back in the rumors! Lets get into it!

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There’s a rumor spread it out on Instagram and I have not got to the bottom of it yet. However there seems to be some confusion with regard to an album that is about to drop called One Nation. Now, One Nation is well known as an unreleased Tupac album that featured a bunch of East Coast people like Busta Rhymes, Outkast and Boot Camp Click. The album was supposed to be Tupac’s unification effort, to show that he is not all about beefing with the East Coast. That album never came out! A lot of it used in circulation or mix tapes and things like that but for the most part, it never came out commercially.

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Young Noble, a member of 2Pac‘s Outlawz, recently posted something on Instagram that suggested that an album called One Nation was being put out by the group. As you already know, those guys are Pac’s ride or die crew. So, I’m wondering what this means when they say One Nation album is coming out. I seriously doubt it’s that 2Pac album, but there’s hope.

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One thing there is no hope for, seems to be the group The Outlawz. It seems like young Noble is making his retirement plans after this album hits. He recently had some health issues and perhaps has called it a day with the Hip Hop. I think that’s a good call, but some us do want to know about this album. I guess I’ll have to get the news team on it and see what happens.

So, we get a treat either way.

Anyway…check this out…on YouTube!