Is There A Plot To Destroy Joe Budden?

Joe Budden has a huge following. He also has huge competition. What’s going on?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is there a Joe Budden smear campaign going on? As you may have noticed, recently Joe Budden proclaimed his independence from Spotify, a company that owns most of the market share in the audio, podcasts, and streaming services business. The company does more than Apple, TIDAL, and other companies put together.

When Joe Budden said that he was leaving the digital service provider, he also seemed to declare war. Now, it may not have been a declaration of war but it sure sounded like it! Charlamagne Tha God, an employee of iHeartRadio, chided Joe Budden for not being a good contract negotiator and that sort of set off the series of events that lead us to today. So come over the last few days we have seen a slew of allegations against Joe Budden. We have seen everything from domestic abuse charges, to weird stuff like this dog masturbation situation (totally Joe’s doing) and even the announcement of Charlamagne‘s new partnership with iHeartRadio that will target Black audiences.

All of this has led people to believe that Joe Budden may have p##### somebody off at the top of the podcast food chain! You know, it just seems like there is a bit of a duality here that harkens back to the days different ideologies. We know that neither Joe Budden or Charlamagne have immaculate pasts because Charla was accused of having sex with a minor in a scandal that never quite made it mainstream. That was two years ago and it seems to have blown over, at least in the eyes of his partners. But, other business situations have been impacted for Charlamagne including a highly touted TV show with HBO. Allegedly.

Joe’s past includes being violent towards women as well as being a victim. I remember Angie and the stabbing situation!