Is There Beef Brewing With A$AP And 50 Cent?

A beef brewing with A$AP and 50?

I heard, but didn’t see it. I heard that A$AP Rocky has been taking some shots at 50 Cent on social media, but I don’t see any evidence of it. As you know, 50 Cent somehow got into his ex’s DMs and A$AP hit her up, seemingly just to “build.” Then, 50 Cent made an off-color comment about A$AP wearing a dress or something. The Harlem rapper responded with something regarding “keep it classy” and that he didn’t know Tatted Up Holly was with 50. Yeah…I guess that’s possible. After that, A$AP apparently posted some stuff that was later taken down. This is not “beef” like we typically think about. Still, he said on Twitter, “IM WIT ALL THE S####, YALH GOT ME FUKED UP. NI99AS OUT HERE BE IN THEY GIRL’S DM’S MORE THAN ME N SH!T, EMO THUGS, MAKIN US ALL LOOK SILLY.” Then again, A$AP and them dudes get down in the street, please believe. How 50 Cent get in the DM’s anyway?