Is This Diddy’s New Baby Momma?


Now that we know Diddy has a new baby, people want to know who her mama is!

First of all, shout out to Careesha. I do not know what is the real deal with their relationship, but just shout out to her.

We now know a few things. First of all, Diddy has another baby here and her name is Love. That’s a total blessing. And you can put a dot at the end of that. We found out that this blessing came in October. After that, the questions start. Clearly, Yung Miami aka Careesha knew something in there, because there was a momentary “break” in her relationship with the incomparable mogul. Eventually, it was clear that she and he made up. Remember this?

This image was take mid-November So they are GOOD.

Moving on…

Who is the new baby moms? THAT: we do not know. BUT, that does not stop the streets from talking. This is not fact. But this is what is being said: the new BM is an Asian woman and massage therapist that has been friends with Diddy for a minute now. There are several images for me to pick from. but this one will give you some idea of what she looks like, if she is now a part of the Hip-Hop community!

Like I said, this is just talk. But talk eventually leads to the truth! I certainly want to know who I am about to be stalking for years! Time for a new job before all I am known for is rumors.

Meanwhile, Yung and OG are going strong!

illseed out!