Is This Jay-Z’s New $28 Million Car?

Jay-Z - Ari Melber

Old rumors find new life thanks to social media. Jay-Z and Beyonce may be the owners of a new $28 million car.

I am not sure that you can classify any car that costs $28 million as a car. There has to be a new name for it. At any rate, that is what the rumors are saying. Apparently, Jay-Z spent $28 million for a Rolls Royce Boat Tail.

Here’s what I think.

I think this is a big ol’ cap!

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Here’s why. First of all: let’s take the source. Not to get all granular but the source of the rumor is a series of social media handles known to lie. There are times where they tell the truth and others where it is all CAP.

First of all, this has been a rumor for roughly a year. There are no reports that suggest is it fully true. Some reports say there’s evidence that support that it MAY be true. One site said the following:

[The rumor] starts with the color blue, which covers the Rolls top to bottom. The Daily Mail points out the music superstars’ fondness for blue, not the least of which extends to Blue Ivy, the name of their daughter. Perhaps more telling is the refrigerator installed in the opening rear deck. The Telegraph mentions the refrigerator is designed to chill Armand de Brignac champagne at a specific temperature. It’s the client’s favorite according to Rolls-Royce, and it just so happens that Jay-Z is part owner of the brand. There’s also the nautical theme itself, as the superstars are known to frequent the French Riveria, both on land and sea.


After that, we see that there’s little more. The reports I have seen say this is the most expensive car in the world, a one of one. I know Jay-Z is a billionaire now, but I am not sure he was allocate this much money to a singular item like a car. I also could be very wrong.

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