Is This Who Dr. Dre Has NEXT?

Dr. Dre

RJ Payne has the attention of Dr. Dre and Ice-T is the conduit to this possible Hip-Hop union.

Dr. Dre is planning something big. Now, we already know that the super-producer is setting up an incredible performance for the next Super Bowl by the National Football League. However! However, we also know that the good doctor is not about to pass up this world-changing experience and not capitalize off it fully. As you all probably know, Super Bowl performances are not paid for, typically. Jay-Z and Roc Nation might have gotten these people a bag though.

This leads me to my next rumor. The Word on the Street is that Dr. Dre will have new music coming out next year. What that consists of, is anybody’s guess but aftermath as a movement is on the rise again. There is something that may be a hint at what he is doing.In a new recent interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, Ice-T revealed he’s going to get Philadelphia papper RJ Payne in the studio with Dr. Dre – this would be crazy!

First of all, Ice-T also revealed in the exclusive interview that RJ is already one of Dr. Dre‘s favorite rappers. Those guys are friends from years back – the 1980s! So for them to go into the studio, would be incredible. Will RJ Payne actually sign to Aftermath Records? That is another question all together, but I can see it happening. Why? Because like Eminem, Payne is a battle rapper reformed. He simply needs a little bit of guidance to get them over the hump of bar heavy songs into classic albums. He already has over 10 classic projects, but those are not necessarily albums per se. Not like The chronic or Doggystyle! Nobody is like those albums, but Dr. Dre is definitely the one that could get him there. This is looking very promising! By the way, Payne is already on his way. He has a concept album called “If Cocaine Could Talk Volume 7,” which begs the questions: “What if Nino Brown of New Jack City lived.” Interesting concept.

So for now, check out the interview with Ice-T and RJ Payne and tell us what you think about the prospect of Payne being down with The Doctor!