Is This Why Jay-Z Jumped Off IG So Fast?

Jay-Z - Ari Melber

Everyone hoped to see Jay-Z on Instagram, but when he hopped off, there was a lot of speculation. Now, there’s even more.

A lot of people are speculating that Jay-Z got off of Instagram super fast because he was attempting to promote a movie. “The Harder They Fall” is a certified hit on Netflix and a large part of the success of the film was due to Jay-Z’s vast promotion as producer. Now, there’s new light shed on the mogul’s entrance into Instagram. As many have noted, Jay-Z put up a single post, followed by following wife Beyoncé, and then quickly departed from the app. He was literally on there for 24 hours! Everybody was tweeting him and @’ing him trying to speak to the gawd. He was literally on there 24 hours! 

Now, there is a new revelation that suggests that maybe Jay-Z got off the app for another reason. According to report from Complex magazine, Jay-Z was urged by the FBI to delete his emails because a HACK of his information was definitely coming. By this time, we know a lot of rappers do get hacked by virtue of DM’s and other methods on the social media app. I think the famous DJ and producer Pete Rock was hacked took recently. I think some people tried to scam people throught his account. With Jay, we don’t know for sure, but it sure seems like there could be a connection with Feds’ warning and the IG deletion.. I am not certain as to the validity of these claims but anything is possible.

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