Is Tupac’s Dad Getting Out Of Jail Soon?

Free Mutulu Shakur!

You all know – I hope – that Tupac came from good ol’ fashioned revolutionary stock. His mother was Afeni Shakur. But, his step-dad was a man named Mutulu Shakur. His wiki says: “is an American black nationalist and acupuncturist. He was a proponent of the Republic of New Afrika and a close friend of Geronimo Pratt.” Basically, they were some bad dudes that wanted the best for Black people. Unfortunately, there was a lot of injustice and COINTELPRO poppin’ back in the day. The cameras and reporting weren’t cracking like that then. We are hearing the Mutulu may be getting out of jail soon and will be returning home. We hope so since he is a political prison more than anything else. Back in the day, AllHipHop interviewed him.

Check that interview out here.

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