Is Will Smith “Hurt And Embarrassed” Over Chris Rock’s “Selective Outrage”?

Chris Rock and Will Smith

Chris Rock and Will Smith are forever linked now. But what next? Will is reportedly “hurt,” but still trying to mend the relationship. Check the rumors!

Will Smith. Chris Rock.

According to rumor reports, Will Smith is hurt over a recent comedy special where Chris Rock skewers the whole family.

Chris Rock’s “Selective Outrage” was the first live special in Netflix history and it got all the viral impact you could want as well as all the social commentary one could ask for. Rock was paid a reported $40 million to perform. Everybody that watched, watched in anticipation of his feelings and thoughts on the slap fiasco that occurred last year at the Oscars. 

We all knew that Will Smith was going to get it and he got it. What we did not expect, I believe, that Chris Rock showed a particularly mean-spirited side – probably the result of being slapped in front of the whole world at the biggest event in Hollywood! It is a topic that we will probably continue to comment on for years because there are so many different views and viewpoints to have.

A source close to Will Smith, allegedly has commented for the actor, saying that he is “embarrassed and hurt” by Chris Rock’s Netflix comedy special. This is attributed to Entertainment Tonight, but I cannot find the source or link directly to them. So this is a “selective rumor.” But, Chris went at Jada, the kids and he went HARD. Brooklyn Hard!

NOW, after getting to the money, Chris Rock is ready to move on and put it behind him! According to other reports, Will has been trying to fix it and will continue to try. I think Chris and he CAN now, because Will unwittingly gave him $40 million more bucks and a historic moment. Again, unfortunately!

“He said everything he wanted to say,” the a definite source with ET said. “It was funny, self-deprecating, and thought-provoking. Now, “Chris is ready to move on.”

Marlon Wayans has a masterful special on HBO Max that is about his link to the slap ordeal. He’s 50, Will is 54 and Chris is 58.

What if they were all in on this? What if Will and Chris conspired to hustle Netflix for $40 Million. And then Marlon says to HBO Max, “I got a comedy skit where I can tall about all three parties in the oscars slap…for an HOUR!?” This is like the elevator situation with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange!