Is Young Thug Receiving A Boost Of Support From The LGBT Community?


Photo via Young Thug’s Instagram

Young Thug’s sexuality has been in question for some time, and it seems that it always will be. From his terminology, actions, and sense of style, it makes one wonder. Thugger maintains that he is a heterosexual man. Young Thug recently decided that the first person he would follow is Caitlyn Jenner. Of course there was a lot of talk around this. A popular transgender woman by the name of Syndey Starr posted a comment on Instagram saying,

“@ThuggerThugger1 Turn up for supporting us transgender females.”

It makes one wonder: is Thug doing all of this for attention? Is he doing this to expand his fan base? Is he doing this to get a boost of support from the LGBT community? What are your thoughts?

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