Issa Rae Blasts Nosy Body Shamers Saying: ‘Let A B*tch Eat’!

“F*ckyouverymuch.” – Issa Rae

Yes, the Insecure creative is definitely celebrated for her perspective. In fact, she recently used her point-of-view to pop off against an onslaught of unsolicited criticism. So, Issa Rae blasts nosy body shamers saying, “Let a b*tch eat.”

Last Friday (March 25), a celebratory video of the writer quickly took a negative turn. As a matter of fact, the short clip was shot in Washington D.C. Hoorae — her production company — was hosting a festival. Accordingly, the extended shindig worked to champion “the talent of Black creatives.”

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Although, all this may be true, just what did the footage show? Well, the clip displays the cultural favorite and fellow actress, Yvonne Orji. Of course, these two are smartly dressed and too excited to see one another.

Moreover, it is the unabashed excitement that makes the moment. Truly, Issa Rae is all smiles. Both engulfing hugs and Megan knees ensure. Be that as it may, folks on social media begin candidly to push a pregnancy narrative.

Nevertheless, the cultural favorite is not with the foolishness. Somehow, she finds the time and curtly checks any misinformed individual. “I am not pregnant, f*ckyouverymuch,” reads the emphatic message. By all means, she has more to convey.

Additionally, she includes, “LET A B*TCH EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY.” Well, with these two sentences she effectively shuts down these unfounded rumors.

End of story?