J. Cole Joins Forces With Andre 3000? Not so fast!

Illseed almost thought J. Cole and Andre 3000 made a song together, but that ain’t the case. There is a silver lining, however.

What is wrong with Andre3000? These kids are canniballzing his style. AND collaborating with J. Cole. I am new to the Smino movement so there is no hate here! When I first heard 90 Proof,” which was today, I was moved to tears. Why? It reminded me so much of the goat Andre 3000. Andre is one of the many goats that never fully realized their potential in Hip-Hop. You know, Lauryn Hill, Jay Electronica and Three Stacks are all in the same zone. Only thing is Andre, as a member of OutKast and the larger Dungeon Family, has this ridiculous creative legacy.

THAT SAID, Smino has found a way to one of the current goats in J. Cole and the results are impressive. Listen up:

The song has a video coming and I cannot wait for that. So, Smino, no hate to you brother! I love the song and there is nothing but love in having a legend like Andre as an influence!