Ja Rule Gets Roasted By 50 Cent Over Gyro Commercial

50 Cent quickly trolled his Hip-Hop nemesis, Ja Rule, after he dropped a promo for a local gyro restaurant.

50 Cent and Ja Rule’s 20-year-plus feud is probably never going to end.

To this day, 50 will find any reason to clown Ja Rule. And this past weekend was open season for jokes. Apparently, Ja Rule recorded a commercial for a local gyro restaurant. This was a clowning opportunity that Fif could not pass up.

In the video, we see Ja Rule talking Greek food, and clearly enjoying himself as he tosses fresh pitas in the air. He urges his friends and fans to come through the gyro spot with him.

“This is what happens when you f*ck with me. I’ll have you and your whole label selling Gyros. Go head, try me!,” wrote 50 Cent. 

Ja has several ventures outside of Hip-Hop, and he’s sure found a new way to keep his name trending on social media.

As the video quickly spread like wildfire, social media reactions took over social feeds.