Jackers Break Into NBA Youngboy’s House!

NBA Youngboy had some words for the young punks on Instagram Live!

(AllHipHop Rumors) After Floyd Mayweather daughter almost got 99 years for stabbing his pregnant baby moms, NBA Youngboy has moved on and has a new girlfriend.

We all remember when YAYA Mayweather aka “Lil’ Slugga” blacked out on NBA’s other jawn, got locked up and the very next day was snuggled-up wig tilted in his bed, while he cussed out her father on live.

Now, the Louisiana rapper is posted up with another pretty young thang.

The loving comes on the heels of NBA Youngboy getting his garage broken into by some thugs.

The kids videotaped themselves fussing over the rap star’s luxury cars and squealing with excitement that they are in his space and touching his stuff.

They posted the videos online and enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame that came from stunting on a star.

But then NBA Youngboy hopped online revealing that they only took $20 and Gucci flip flops.

While on live NBA confronted the scoundrels it got hilariously ugly.

One of the guys asks, “You wanna buy your s##t back or what?”

“You ain’t get s### you flunked-out ass n##ga, I’m tryna see where you at,” claps back NBA Youngboy. “You dumb motherf##ker, what, you got $20 out the car?” asked the rapper.

“You know what we got, stop the cap,” the thief responds.

Every day there is a new drama with the NBA. We will see what pops up tomorrow.