Jadakiss Gets Drunk During Verzuz Battle And  Makes It Super Entertaining!

‘Kiss and Fab made for A DOPE ASS battle…but, in a different way.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who would have thought that Jadakiss could be so entertaining? The Lox rapper got on Instagram Live for his very first Verzuz battle with Fabolous and it was nothing less than entertaining. 

Now I have to admit it started out pretty darn boring. I honestly was wondering when I had seen a Verzuz battle this bad. However, I have to fess up it heated up quick and I think that heating up process was a direct result of how drunk Jadakiss got. Jadakiss was so drunk that he revealed that they are not getting paid by Apple Music or Timbaland or Swizz Beatz. He dropped a whole dime on ‘em. I guess it was a “for the culture moment” we all know so well. 

I loosely watched the battle to be real with you, because I was not that interested after it started so slow. But I have to say that it became apparent that these guys are the crème de la crème of Hip-Hop battle rappers in New York City. They had so much mixtape stuff in this battle that I think DJ clue might’ve got publishing off of it. 

But not to be undersold, they did have a number of their hit records put in the mix. So, it is very hard for me to say who won this battle, but I can say that Jadakiss won over a lot of fans. A lot of people said that they want to be like Jadakiss when they are drunk. Others said they want to hang with Jadakiss and get drunk with him. And others still regarded him as the drunk uncle in the barbecue that spices things up every year. So when you talk about people that one, Jadakiss won. 

Personally, I prefer the battles that are done from the studio or the home and not so much the one when they are side-by-side. I’d like it when they are in their comfort zone and talking slick like Babyface. I even like when they are technical difficulties like with Teddy Riley, because they make for classic moments. Now, I am not going to clown Teddy Riley because he’s a genius and he warrants respect. However, we have to remember that that is exactly what we rtecall about the battle. So Jadakiss getting drunk, is what we are going to ultimately remember about this battle. But, the other part we will remember and, constantly be reminded of, is that these two guys are JEWELS to our culture in their contributions over the past 20 or so years cannot be understated. So, I have to salute them tremendously. That said I am going to get me some Tito’s.